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Welcome to Momentum, an empowering program brought to you by The Presario Group, led by the dynamic duo, Jessica Jaramillo and Michelle Fournier. Momentum is your gateway to staying plugged in, driving continuous progress, and seamlessly integrating transformative concepts into your life.

Designed with a keen focus on mindset management, thought work, and actionable steps, Momentum serves as your catalyst for growth and achievement.

Our mission is simple: to keep your momentum moving forward and support your journey every step of the way.

At the heart of Momentum lies our vibrant community, where like-minded individuals come together to inspire, motivate, and uplift each other. Surrounding yourself with individuals who share your vision and ambition is essential for unlocking your full potential.

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As a member of Momentum, you'll gain exclusive access to a wealth of resources, including:

  • Monthly 75-minute group coaching calls led by Jessica and Michelle, where you'll delve into key topics, receive personalized guidance, and connect with fellow participants.  Calls are held the first Wednesday of each month from 12:30 - 1:45 MST.

  • A dedicated Facebook community, providing a virtual space for ongoing support, collaboration, and networking.

  • The opportunity to join our invigorating Midweek Boost calls, designed to provide you with the motivation and inspiration needed to power through the week with renewed energy and focus.  Boost calls are held each Wednesday from 11am - 12pm MST.


The best part? All of this is available to you for the incredibly affordable investment of just $77 per month. Yes, you read that right—empowering yourself and propelling your goals forward has never been more accessible.

Are you ready to ignite your momentum and chart a course towards success? Join Momentum today and embark on a transformative journey like no other. Let's create waves of progress together!

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