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A recent study shows that a high degree of self awareness is the best predictor of Success in Executives.  We believe this is true, not only for executives,  but for everybody.  

The dictionary defines self-awareness as "knowledge & awareness of your own personality or character."  We would take this a step past personality to knowledge and awareness of what motivates your personality, and how that shows up for you in a healthy or unhealthy way.   When you are self aware you will have a clear and accurate understanding of what makes you tick, your strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, and behaviors.  And once you have this understanding you can make new choices, and achieve a high level of success in all areas of life.

One tool to increase your self awareness is the Enneagram. The Enneagram is a personality assessment that not only looks at behavior, it uncovers the why behind the behavior.  When you know the “WHY” behind what you do, you can make more effective choices and communicate on a whole new level.  You can show up in the world as the healthiest version of you!

Several years ago Jessica was introduced to the Enneagram.  Even after all the personal and spiritual growth work she had done, The Enneagram had a profound impact on her.  It's enabled her to become healthier in all of her relationships and business ventures by having a high level of self awareness and the ability to make different choices out of that awareness.  


Jessica is certified in the Integrative Enneagram and facilitates Enneagram workshops in knowing your type, relationships, teamwork, and leadership.  She also coaches for business and life with the Enneagram.  

Please contact Jessica if you have questions or would like to schedule a workshop or coaching session. 

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