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DreamBuilder® Program 

Finally! A Proven, Reliable, And Repeatable System
For Creating A Life That Makes Your Heart Sing!

Take Action Today!
One day your life will flash before your eyes…
make sure it’s worth watching!

The 13-week Dreambuilder® Program gives you the tools to create a vision and a path for the life that makes your heart sing

Are you lacking clarity, direction, and purpose? Feeling stuck without an end game and tired of doing it all alone?

Be a part of our next transformational DreamBuilder® program! This program is for you if you are successful and still feel like something is missing.

The 13-week Dreambuilder® Program gives you the tools to create a vision and a path for the life that makes your heart sing.

  • Weekly 75 min group calls with Michelle & Jessica to include individualized laser coaching

  • 16 Lesson Audios

  • 15 Meditation Audios

  • Lesson Guidebook with weekly exercises

The Dreambuilder® Group Coaching Starts May 9th at 12:15pm  MT, and meets every Thursday at 12:15 MT, live on Zoom. Dates may vary due to holidays and vacations. Register Now  for $1997!

Michelle – Thanks for everything – you are an amazing teacher, coach, friend, entrepreneur and HUMAN!! This program has opened me up to the next chapter, and I say this as I sit in my new office with more amazing travel coming up, more money in the bank, more customers, more abundance and relationships than ever before.

~ Tim J.

Why Settle For “Good” When You Can Be “Exceptional”?

You might not realize it now, but you have the power within you, at this very moment in time, to create a life that you absolutely love.

Regardless of any circumstances or situations you might be facing, you have the ability to achieve the results you desire in EVERY area of your life, including time and money freedom, love and relationships, vocation, and health and well-being.

And although your life might seem good right now, wouldn’t you love for it to be exceptional? Imagine what that might look like for you…

Maybe you’d love to create the relationship of your dreams, expand your business to serve even more people, restore your health, or increase your time and money freedom.

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Chances Are, Like Most People Who Are Attracted
To This Work, You’re A High Achiever…


In the past, you’ve set goals and propelled yourself forward in life through sheer focus and determination.

Then, once you reached your goals, you plateaued.

Maybe you tell yourself, “I’m just taking a break to catch my breath and smell the roses.”

Or perhaps you’re standing still because you’re not sure what goals and dreams to pursue moving forward. You think to yourself,
“I just need a little bit of time to figure out what’s next for me.”

Or Maybe (Just Maybe) You’re Treading Water in Your Life Because You’re SCARED.

Why? Because Right Now, You Feel Comfortable.

And you believe in the MYTH that going from good to EXTRAORDINARY will require you to make a lot of uncomfortable sacrifices, like giving up your time, money and energy… sacrifices that you just don’t want to make!

But what if this weren’t true at all?

What if moving to the next level of success in your life could actually be a joyful, FUN experience?

What if creating the relationship of your dreams, expanding your business to serve even more people, elevating your health, and increasing your time and money freedom could actually be invigorating and life-giving for you… instead of feeling like a lot of struggle, sacrifice and hard work?

The results people report experiencing after applying this proven system to their lives include:

Achieving long-held dreams in a fraction of the time it takes most others – finally writing that book, running that race, traveling to that place they’ve always dreamed of visiting, finding their dream job, starting that business or selling that business.

An increase in financial abundance – being able to do what they want to do, have what they want to have and, most importantly, give what they truly want to give.

Greater vocational success and satisfaction – increased meaning, fulfillment and FUN at work or in their business.

Increased time freedom – feeling more empowered to say “YES” to family events, weekends away and be FULLY PRESENT with their loved ones.

Closer, more loving relationships – finding the love of their life, or elevating their current relationship to a higher frequency, resulting in a deeper, closer, more supportive partnership with more fun and connection.

Greater energy and vitality – making better decisions and feeling more empowered to impact their health and well-being, allowing them to do more of what they’d truly love to be doing!

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