Michelle Fournier &
Jessica Jaramillo

Michelle Fournier retired from the U.S Army as a LT Colonel and transitioned into corporate America as a C-level executive. Michelle has over 35 years of coaching and leadership experience in corporate, business, and personal growth. Michelle uses her expertise in making strategic transitions and bold choices to help entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses.

Jessica Jaramillo is a lifelong entrepreneur with a 15-year track record in creating and building successful real estate affiliated businesses and was a pioneer in transaction management in Denver. Jessica is a recognized business and personal coach. Jessica is a big picture visionary and strategist who leads entrepreneurs through their struggles and growth with her creativity, productivity, systems and process improvements.

Jessica and Michelle combine a powerful partnership with intuitive and spiritual collaboration and coaching. They are masters of clarity, purpose, possibility and manifestation. They lead, facilitate, and coach entrepreneurs and business owners to use their unique purpose to create a clear path to prosperity, passion, and freedom.

All Possibilities Live in the Unknown!


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