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Michelle Fournier &
Jessica Jaramillo

Michelle Fournier retired from the U.S Army as a LT Colonel and transitioned into corporate America as a C-level executive. Michelle has over 35 years of coaching and leadership experience in corporate, business, and personal growth. Michelle uses her expertise in making strategic transitions and bold choices to support women in living a life that makes their heart sing!

Jessica Jaramillo is a lifelong entrepreneur building and running many successful businesses.  Jessica specializes in dating and relationship coaching.  She is passionate about supporting women in loving and accepting themselves so they can have extraordinary relationships and live their best life!

We are a powerful partnership combining intuition, spiritual and energy practice, NLP, Mental & Emotional Release®, Enneagram and many other modalities. We are masters of possibility, power and purpose. We support women in a loving, compassionate and truthful way through retreats, workshops and coaching.  Our purpose in life is to support women who are ready to live their best life in clearing out the BS and getting out of the struggle so they can do that!

We are truly magical together!

All Possibilities Live in the Unknown!


Join Us For Our Next
Piss Off Perfect Retreat in Colorado!
May 4th - May 7th, 2023


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