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The Presario Group

Possibility • Power • Purpose 

​We are intuitive coaches for women who are ready to live a life of possibility, power and purpose!



Raise your hand if you are a woman who:

  • Gives to everyone else yet you don’t take care of yourself

  • Is struggling with self acceptance and self love

  • Is holding on to hurt, anger & resentment

  • Is highly successful yet you feel like it’s never enough

  • Feels overwhelmed or confused

  • Has trouble communicating your true feelings

  • Is so busy you don’t have time for you

  • Tired of being responsible for everyone 

  • Feels hopeless & powerless

  • Feels purposeless & lost 

  • Is searching for a sense of belonging

When you work with us you will:

  • Understand why you do what you do

  • Uncover your purest form of essence 

  • Live a truly authentic life

  • Be aligned, body, mind & spirit

  • Feel confident, clear and energized

  • Fall in love with the wholeness of who you are

  • Have a practice for Soul care and self love

  • Stand in your power and stop giving your power away

  • Let go of hurt, anger & resentment

  • Understand your purpose in the world

  • Reconnect with your passion

  • Join a community of accepting, supportive women who will celebrate you


Upcoming Events

  • Piss Off Perfect Colorado Weekend Spring 2023
    Thu, May 04
    536 Beeler Pl Frisco, CO 80443
    May 04, 7:00 PM – May 07, 1:00 PM
    536 Beeler Pl Frisco, CO 80443
    Join the sacred sisterhood of the Presario Group to experience a weekend of deep spiritual growth and transformation.
  • Breakthrough Live!
    Sat, Feb 25
    Origin Hotel
    Feb 25, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
    Origin Hotel, 8875 Westminster Blvd, Westminster, CO 80031
    Breakthrough Your Bullshit To Get What YOU Want in 2023!

Michelle Fournier and Jessica Jaramillo have been influential in helping me reach the possibility and power within. I attended the Piss Off Perfect retreat in April 2022 where my eyes were opened to the power and possibility I held within my heart to live a life I adore. I have never felt more vibrant and complete as I do now! Thank you ladies for inviting me to a community of women I can always return to! I will be forever grateful for this journey!


Ashlee J.

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About The Presario Group

 The Presario Group offers an exclusive, intuitive and transformational platform of coaching, workshops and retreats. 

We provide a community where you are uplifted, honored, and deeply supported in your unique life journey.

"Presario" is the place of ultimate success, fulfillment, and happiness!

Cheers to Michelle Fournier and Jessica Jaramillo.  These two women have been instrumental in helping me tap into the power within.  I attended the Piss Off Perfect retreat in September 2019 where I created the foundation of change I needed in my life to acknowledge myself and truly live!  I have never felt more alive as I do now!  Thank you ladies for holding space and creating a community of women I can always come home to!  I am forever grateful for your love and support!


Heather A.


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PHONE NUMBER: 720.475.0880


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Join Us For Our Next
Piss Off Perfect Retreat in Colorado!
May 4th - May 7th, 2023


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