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The Presario Group

Possibility • Power • Purpose 

How would it feel to boldly live a life of 

purpose, passion, and fulfillment?

It's time to connect your heart and mind to the possibilities!

We can show you how!




We’ve been right where you are!
Knowing there was a different path and NOT knowing how to get there.
Living the same, mundane, mediocre, numb life day after day.
Feeling lost, stuck, confused, overwhelmed, resentful...
We lived in FEAR of the unknown and afraid of change.


We know.
We’ve done it.

If you are stuck and ready to do life differently, you are in the right place!

There’s a way out of this, we can show you how.  

It's Time For You To:

  • Get clear about what you really want.


  • Understand the why of what you do.


  • Uncover and rediscover the brilliance in you.


  • Confidently stand in your power and stop giving your power away.


  • Let go of past hurt, anger, & resentment.


  • Live a life where you are free to be you.


  • Fall in love with you, maybe for the very first time.


  • Align yourself in mind, body, & spirit.


  • Take decisive action with clear direction.


  • Honor and respect yourself.


  • Create a powerful practice for Soul care and Self-love.


  • Understand your purpose in the world.


  • Realize the difference you make.


  • Reconnect with your passion.


  • Receive loving support and accountability.


  • Have fun!

  • Start living again!

Let's Get To Know Each Other

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Let's Do This!

You’re here for a reason. It’s your time. Time to live a life that makes YOUR SOUL SING!
You may not feel ready. You have no idea HOW.
It’s ok.
We are here to walk with you, guide you, and support you.
This is a journey meant to be taken together.
We got you!

Michelle Fournier and Jessica Jaramillo have been influential in helping me reach the possibility and power within. I attended the Piss Off Perfect retreat in April 2022 where my eyes were opened to the power and possibility I held within my heart to live a life I adore. I have never felt more vibrant and complete as I do now! Thank you ladies for inviting me to a community of women I can always return to! I will be forever grateful for this journey!


jensen fam-1048-Edit-Edit_edited.jpg

~ Ashlee J.


About The Presario Group

The Presario Group is committed to providing exceptional coaching, live events, and retreats to empower individuals to connect heart and mind to new possibilities, confidently stand in their power, and boldly live their purpose.

We provide a community where you are uplifted, honored, and deeply supported in your unique life journey.
"Presario" is the place of Personal Alignment and Flow which creates Success, Fulfillment and Happiness.

Cheers to Michelle Fournier and Jessica Jaramillo.  These two women have been instrumental in helping me tap into the power within.  I attended the Piss Off Perfect retreat in September 2019 where I created the foundation of change I needed in my life to acknowledge myself and truly live!  I have never felt more alive as I do now!  Thank you ladies for holding space and creating a community of women I can always come home to!  I am forever grateful for your love and support!


~ Heather A.

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