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What is the ONE THING you need to start living a

BOLD Life with Possibility, Power, and Purpose?


If you want to climb your next peak and go where
you haven't gone before, you need a guide.

And, if you're feeling particularly BOLD...
Want to move FASTER AND have EVEN MORE FUN...
You're gonna want TWO guides!

We're Jessica and Michelle and we've been right where you are. 
Knowing there was a different path and NOT KNOWING how to find it.
Living the same, mundane, mediocre, numb life day after day.

Feeling lost, stuck, confused, overwhelmed, and resentful...
We lived in FEAR of the unknown and afraid of change.


If you are stuck and ready to do life differently, you are in the PERFECT place!


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Let's Get To Know Each Other

Upcoming Events

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Piss Off Perfect
Mountain Retreat

September 12-15, 2024
Copper Mountain, CO

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Partners in Possibility

A little naughty and a little nice, Michelle Fournier and Jessica Jaramillo are not for the faint of heart.  Both are Master coaches with decades of training and experience helping clients make significant breakthroughs in their life through NLP. Mental and Emotional Release®, and hypnotherapy.

Both are wildly and boldly committed in their own unique way to help you discover the Possibility, Power, and Purpose lying just beneath the surface.

Michelle and Jessica walk their talk, often coaching and challenging each other to see the possibilities in every situation.  They spend their time creating over-the-top intimate retreats, experiences and programs to foster extraordinary expansion and relationships for clients to live the life they deserve. 

Dear friends for years, they model their business after their friendship which is the foundation for a fierce love and respect, a lot of humor, more than a sprinkle of magic and loads of direct loving kindness to help you get unstuck. 

Michelle Fournier and Jessica Jaramillo have been influential in helping me reach the possibility and power within. I attended the Piss Off Perfect retreat in April 2022 where my eyes were opened to the power and possibility I held within my heart to live a life I adore. I have never felt more vibrant and complete as I do now! Thank you ladies for inviting me to a community of women I can always return to! I will be forever grateful for this journey!


jensen fam-1048-Edit-Edit_edited.jpg

~ Ashlee J.

What's YOUR Next Best Path?


Private Coaching

Working one-on one with Jessica or Michelle
promises and exceptional journey of self-discovery and transformation.  SOFTLY BOLD, Jessica is a successful entrepreneur and visionary.  Her expertise extends to facilitating extraordinary relationships with a remarkable ability to translate insights into simple
yet profoundly fulfilling life strategies.  BOLDLY SOFT, Michelle is an international motivational speaker, author, veteran, and award winning mindset and empowerment coach.  

Luxury Retreats

Luxury Retreat Experiences offered by The Presario Group are nothing short of spiritual and life-changing journeys that promise deep transformation. Layered with nourishment, pampering, surprises and delight, a comprehensive array of activities and sessions are designed to help you reconnect with your true essence.  In a safe and nurturing environment, you'll explore your identity, learn how to let go of past hurt and resentment, and discover how to live authentically, aligned with your purpose.  


The Presario Group is renowned for workshops such as BREAKTHROUGH LIVE!, an immersive one-day experience that helps you release limiting beliefs and negative emotions and replace them with empowering thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.  The ENNEAGRAM increases self awareness, uncovers the "why" behind your behavior, and facilitates more effective choices and improved communications.  We are constantly adding new workshops and webinars to support our community.

Group Programs

If you are successful but still feel like something is missing, you'll want to engage with an empowering group like DreamBuilder®, Life Mastery, or The Purpose Path Program. 13 weeks, 6 months, and 1 year respectively.  Each program provides you with tools, connection, a sense of belonging, being seen and understood, laser coaching, and a proven system for creating a life worth living! We are designed for community and collaboration.  These programs keep you aligned, on track, and supported. 


Join Our Community

The Presario Group is a safe space to explore greater personal alignment and flow.  In our world, you will be uplifted, honored, and deeply supported in your unique life journey.  Sign up for our newsletter to get the best tips on how to connect your heart and mind to new possibilities so you can confidently stand in your power and boldly live your purpose.

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Cheers to Michelle Fournier and Jessica Jaramillo.  These two women have been instrumental in helping me tap into the power within.  I attended the Piss Off Perfect retreat in September 2019 where I created the foundation of change I needed in my life to acknowledge myself and truly live!  I have never felt more alive as I do now!  Thank you ladies for holding space and creating a community of women I can always come home to!  I am forever grateful for your love and support!


~ Heather A.

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