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Sat, Aug 05


The Village Workspace

Exploring Relationships Through The Enneagram

Explore how the Enneagram can enhance your relationships, whether they be romantic partnerships, friendships, family dynamics, or professional interactions.

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Exploring Relationships Through The Enneagram
Exploring Relationships Through The Enneagram

Time & Location

Aug 05, 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM

The Village Workspace, 7173 S Havana St #600, Centennial, CO 80112, USA

About The Event

Exploring Relationships through the Enneagram

Join us for an enlightening and transformative workshop as we delve into the profound insights provided by the Enneagram system and its application to relationships. The Enneagram is a powerful tool for understanding human personalities, motivations, and behaviors, offering deep self-awareness and fostering empathy and connection with others.

In this workshop, we will explore how the Enneagram can enhance our relationships, whether they be romantic partnerships, friendships, family dynamics, or professional interactions. Through a combination of experiential exercises, group discussions, and insightful teachings, we will uncover the intricacies of the Enneagram and its potential to foster healthy and thriving relationships.

During the workshop, you will:

1. Discover your Enneagram type: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the nine distinct personality types within the Enneagram system and identify your own type. Recognizing your unique patterns of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors will provide a solid foundation for growth and self-reflection.

2. Explore relationship dynamics: Deepen your understanding of how different Enneagram types interact with one another and uncover the dynamics that arise within relationships. Learn how each type's core motivations and fears influence communication, conflict resolution, and intimacy.

3. Develop empathy and compassion: Gain insights into the underlying motivations and fears of others, enabling you to cultivate empathy and compassion in your relationships. Learn to recognize and appreciate the diverse perspectives and needs of individuals with different Enneagram types.

4. Enhance communication skills: Acquire practical tools and strategies for effective communication tailored to each Enneagram type. Explore how to express yourself authentically while respecting the unique communication styles of others, fostering better understanding and connection.

5. Navigate conflicts and challenges: Learn how to navigate conflicts and challenges within relationships using the Enneagram framework. Discover techniques to approach disagreements with sensitivity and find constructive resolutions that honor the needs and values of all parties involved.

6. Cultivate personal growth: Harness the transformative power of the Enneagram to foster personal growth and self-awareness within the context of relationships. Explore how understanding your own patterns and limitations can lead to increased resilience, emotional intelligence, and overall well-being.

This workshop is designed for individuals at all levels of familiarity with the Enneagram, whether you are a newcomer or have prior experience. It is open to anyone interested in improving their relationships, deepening their self-awareness, and enhancing their communication skills.

Join us on this illuminating journey of self-discovery and relationship exploration through the Enneagram. Uncover the keys to thriving connections, compassionate understanding, and transformative personal growth. Don't miss this opportunity to cultivate meaningful relationships based on empathy, acceptance, and authenticity.

Note: This workshop does not provide therapy or counseling services but aims to offer insights and tools for personal growth and relationship enhancement.

This will be an in-person event.  We will be in the Denver metro area.   We will let you know as soon as we have a location!

Workshop includes the Integrative 9 Enneagram assessment and report.   Once you register you will receive an assessment link from Integrative 9.  Please give yourself about an hour to take the assessment and follow the instructions!

Bring  your partner, friend, or coworker! Use the Code Ennea for Buy one ticket, get one free!





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